Framegrabs of Ayukawa

These are framegrabs from the tape/DVD of the original TV series.

Madoka looking dubious.
Madoka looking questioning.
Madoka looking uncertain.
Madoka looking askance.
Madoka looking pleasantly surprised.
Madoka looking astonished. Okay, I don't know why all these pics have her in such transient states, but apparently that's all I have of her that I could find. When I find some when she's smiling/elated/mad/steaming I'll put them up here. After all, it's her mercurial mood that puts the "kimagure" in KOR. (Look it up :P)
This is actually a scan of a cell, i.e., an actual drawing on cellophane; one of thousands used as individual images to construct the animation. Once the anime is committed to film/tape, the cells are no longer needed and some of them are auctioned off.
This is actually from the Shin-KOR movie, which was made long after the first movie, and which extends the storyline that Matsumoto Izumi (the original manga author) followed in his novels after the first movie came out. The character designs are different from Takada Akemi's, but still faithfully represent the KOR characters (IMO :^).

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